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Mediation through the Children’s Rights Council

Marc Rovner

East Rockaway-based attorney Marc Rovner serves as general counsel and director of business development for BETA Abstract LLC in Oceanside, New York. Marc Rovner maintains residence with his family in East Rockaway and supports nonprofit organizations including the Children’s Rights Council.

Founded in 1985, the Children’s Rights Council (CRC) helps children achieve consistent and active involvement from both parents through advocacy and reform. In addition to parental educational support systems, CRC undertakes mediation to resolve disputes and facilitate a peaceful transfer of custody of a child or children.

During mediation, a neutral third party--the mediator--oversees the exchange of information and negotiation between two parties who are unable or unwilling to resolve a dispute. The role of the mediator is to guide both parties to understand the problem and reach an acceptable resolution. Although not involved in decision making, the mediator can offer suggestions when drafting a final settlement.
An agreement reached during mediation is considered binding. However, if mediation is not successful, the parties involved can pursue their claims through formal litigation.

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