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New York Rangers beat the Los Angeles Kings

Marc Rovner

An attorney based in East Rockaway, New York, Marc Rovner serves as general counsel and director of business development for BETA Abstract LLC. A longtime East Rockaway resident, he has a passion for ice hockey that goes back to his childhood, when he and his father watched the New York Rangers beat the Los Angeles Kings at Madison Square Garden.

In a recent article on the Madison Square Garden blog, Marc Rovner recalled the first goal of the 1970 game, scored by Donnie Marshall for the Rangers, which sparked his love of the game. Rovner, who has attended every single home playoff game since 1978, recalls how his father always made sure that his brother--Rovner’s uncle--got the latest Rangers news and box scores while serving in Vietnam.
Over the years, Attorney Marc Rovner and his family have occupied seats beginning in the famed blue seats to currently near the ice while sharing cheers with other generational fans in the Garden. As a long-standing fan of the game itself, Rovner has developed a keen skill in evaluating teams and their players.
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