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Temple Am Echad’s Adult Education Program

Marc Rovner, Attorney

Attorney Marc Rovner leverages three decades of experience in the legal field as senior attorney for BETA Abstract, a multi-million dollar title insurance company near East Rockaway, New York. Outside of his work as an attorney, Marc Rovner is a volunteer board member and usher at the Temple Am Echad.

A synagogue in New York, Temple Am Echad provides religious services to the community in southwestern Nassau County and southeastern Queens. The synagogue was founded when Temple Emanu-El of Lynbrook and Temple Sinai merged, and it has since grown to offer a number of activities and programs that include an adult education initiative.
Adult education at Temple Am Echad helps to enrich an individual’s sense of Jewish identity while also expanding knowledge in areas such as biblical history. These educational efforts take place through a range of innovative programs that include a monthly Salon discussion that focuses on current events, and featured guest speakers who present talks each Wednesday. Moreover, the temple offers a film series and a Zumba class for adults. For additional information on adult education programs, visit

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